Innovative Naturopathic & Alternative Medicine Marketing for Revolutionary Growth & Lead Generation

Wellness Pro Media Solutions proudly leverages more than 65 years of experience within the health and wellness industries alongside the largest, most engaged databases of naturopathic professionals in the market. That, combined with our full suite of digital capabilities, enables us to drive more traffic to your digital channels, seamlessly create qualified leads that convert to sales, and boost your revenue like never before.

Proven Naturopathic Industry Performance

Our meaningful connections and relationships with naturopathic professionals have been cultivated over the course of several decades. This, combined with our award-winning publications within the health and wellness industries and our full suite of digital capabilities, ensure you reap the benefits of our proven performance track record of expertise in marketing and communicating with your specific, targeted audience.

  • Go to the source with access to our database of the largest, most engaged collection of naturopathic professionals
  • Leverage our relationships with key influencers, companies, and industry names to generate leads and convert sales
  • Drive revenue via our proven performance of generating high-quality and high-quantity leads that result in more sales and more traffic
  • Experience our full suite of digital capabilities that span all marketing channels, including strategy, research, analysis, and execution

Our Industry Expertise Seamlessly Applied to Your Marketing Program

Database Advertising

With our team, you don’t just gain access to the largest, most engaged database of naturopathic professionals, you gain the ability to advertise to those professionals. We enable you to reach your target audience via access to hundreds and thousands of health and wellness prospects.

Email Marketing

Your audience has been our audience for decades — that means we know how to reach them. More than that, we know how to communicate with them, cultivate relationships with them, and convert leads into sales.

Lead Generation

We’re experts at attracting your ideal naturopathic prospects. We don’t just provide access to a high quantity of naturopathic leads —we grant you access to high-quality leads, ensuring that your prospects are live, actionable, and engaged.

Lead Nurture Program

With our decades of experience in mind, we know how to automate your sales funnel to ensure meaningful and impactful outreach as well as providing actionable information that keeps your target audience engaged.

Market Research

We don’t just know your audience, we know how to continually get to know them better. Our market research team has a solid understanding of your industry, and with that, we know it’s always changing. We’re experts at gathering information to help you better understand your customers’ pain points, values, preferences, opinions, and beyond.

Paid Search

We create highly curated and effective pay-per-click (PPC) ads and campaigns that directly target your naturopathic audiences, reach your key demographics, and drive more engaging traffic to your digital channels.

Paid Social Media

Through lead generation, customer targeting, and proven tactics that drive traffic to your site, we leverage paid advertisements through social media platforms to ensure you are reaching your audience where they already are — on their most-used social media platforms.

Programmatic Advertising

We’ve used the last few decades of our expertise to create tried-and-true methods for developing precise, targeted advertising that ensures the right set of eyes is always on the right ad.

Social Media Management

With your target audience at the forefront of our industry experience, we’re able to drive brand awareness, better engage with customers, and boost your leads and sales through social media platforms like Instagram Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and beyond.

Website Build & Optimization

Your digital pages need to speak directly to your target audience — but they need to be finely tuned for optimal search engine optimization (SEO) also. Our expert team knows precisely how to create customer-first pages that provide proven results and drive a higher volume of traffic to your site.

Our Full Suite of Digital Capabilities Available for Your Naturopathic Brand

Our industry experience and proven performance will take your naturopathic brand to new heights. We’ve spent the past 65+ years in the health and wellness industries fostering key relationships and building the largest, most engaged database of naturopathic professionals, enabling you to gain exclusive access to our list of customers. Cut out the middleman and come to the source to enjoy a full suite of digital capabilities perfectly blended with industry experience, all with the proven result of optimizing your brand’s marketing and advertising strategies.

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